Plant the Wheatgrass in Balcony

Wheatgrass Leaf

Wheatgrass Leaf

I don’t know why I get excited about planting wheatgrass, probably this could be I viewed a video clip on Facebook.   After some searches, I bought a Wheatgrass combo set from MM Garden in Shopee.  The inexpensive combo set consists of necessary elements for me to start the wheatgrass planting in my balcony.

I could start harvesting the wheatgrass and enjoying the greeny colour healthy drink within 10 days.  Please don’t ask me the advantages of drinking the wheatgrass drink, just another “green” drink that could fill-up your Sunday family session.

Planting wheatgrass in the balcony is one of the greatest success to me in home garden actvity.

Wheatgrass Planting Scheme

Wheatgrass Planting Scheme

About the Wheatgrass Combo Set

After viewing the tutorial about planting wheatgrass at home, I decided to make a try.  The Wheatgrass Combo Set really helps me a lot for planting the wheatgrass in my balcony.

I am not a man with a green finger, but the combo set consists of the necessary elements for planting the wheatgrass in my balcony.  After setting up the sprouting activity, I just need to perform daily watering and observation.  It is really fun for me and my family, especially my son.

The Wheatgrass Combo Set consists of the necessary elements for planting.  You could immediately start the planting right after receiving the set.

  1. 1 bag of planting soil
  2. 2 packs of wheatgrass seeds
  3. A sprouting tray
Wheatgrass Germinate Seeds

Wheatgrass Germinate Seeds

Germinate the Wheatgrass Seeds before Planting

Germinate the wheatgrass seeds is the most important step in this planting.  Even though the germination process is important but the process is very straight forward and simple.

There are 2 packs of wheatgrass seeds.  Pour all the wheatgrass seeds from 1 pack and soak in a cup of water for 24 hours.  After 24hours of soaking, the seeds are actually swelling and you could even observe some budding phenomenon.

Plant the Wheatgrass

After 1 day soaks on the wheatgrass seeds, I start the planting stage.

  1. Pour half of the planting soil on the tray given.
  2. Sprout the germinated wheatgrass seed on the planting soil.
  3. Spray some water on the soil so that the soil is wetted.
  4. Put the entire tray into the courier service bag.  This is the most important stage during the sprouting process.
  5. Take out the sprouting tray on daily basis for adding some water.
  6. The root grows after 2nd days.
  7. 4th days onward, you could see the leaf growth.
  8. Start harvest on 7th day.

The entire wheatgrass planting process is interesting.  I could observe the wheatgrass stage change throughout the planting process.  With the simple seed germination and sprouting, I could be reward with the healthy and organic wheatgrass leaf.

Blend the organic wheatgrass leaf.  Mixed with honey and lemon juice, some ice or carbohydrate water, definitely worth for Sunday family drink.  Plant wheatgrass is very simple, especially with the combo kit set.

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