My PVA Towel

PVA Towel

PVA Towel

I was searching on the net and knowing about this PVA towel. What I learn that the PVA sponge is one kind of the sponge material with very good water absorption. The PVA sponge manufacturer expanded the application for using the foaming process making the PVA towel.

Special About PVA Towel

This PVA towel should be known as PVA sponge towel in more precise elaboration. The spongy has been compressed to become a square towel form. Sponge consists of porous structure which enhances water absorption. This is the reason the PVA towel is so well in water absorption.

I used the PVA Towel while going to Swim

You cannot image this square PVA towel is sufficient to dry off the body after coming out from the pool. I am amazed on the result until I used this product. While I am using the PVA towel, I found out that the towel is good in water absorption. The towel can easily transfer the water from wet surface to the towel itself.

More important, the water retain in the PVA towel can easily be squeezed out so that it could carry out another round of water absorption.

Comparing PVA towel with 100% cotton towel

PVA Towel Comparison

PVA Towel Comparison

For my own body drying preferences, I would give 100% cotton towel a full score for body comfort, however I would personally rate PVA towel higher in other criteria such as water absorption, water drain away, easy to carry, hygiene concern and fashion.

Where I Buy the PVA Towel

You can find PVA towel on sport accessories shop provided they shop has a wide coverage on swimming accessories.  Instead of going to the shop, I buy through an e-commerce shop which specialize in PVA towel,  Perhaps the price is attractive and more variety too!

My plan for Using PVA Towel

I will still use big cotton towel for house body drying, however if going for outdoor activity or sport activity such as swimming, PVA towel is my first and only choice because the small size and favourable in water absorption.

Remember at one time I am carrying the small PVA towel in my pocket while going for my swimming session. Friend at first astonish that I am not carrying any swimming towel without knowing I have the super PVA towel store in my pocket. They are very surprise to see the magical water absorption effect.

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