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There is a comment on my previous article about Getting Pay by Google, he is asking what are the methods which I could have better organic ranking or even could rank Google 1st page during Google search? We all agree if we could have better search ranking, then we are having better exposure to public which going to attract more exposure compare to other website.

In order to gain better keyword ranking position under search enginer, in this case Google, the webmaster need to have the basic understanding of seach engine algorithm. Further more, the website need to construct and optimize base on search engine requirement. This is the reason those website need to perform Search Engine Optimization, SEO, in more precise.

CH Biotech Ranking Result

CH Biotech Ranking Result

Criteria to Rank 1st Page in Google.

There are many factors affecting a website during the keyword ranking under Google, all the factors could be concluded into 2 categories:

  1. On Page SEO Optimization.
  2. Off Page SEO Optimization.

There are many SEO websites discuss about these topics and I do not want to repeat what my finding over here, it is sort of boring.

Example to Show how I get My Website Rank at Google 1st page

Today, I am going to take one of my website to shows how I manage to pursue the Website into Google page 1 under Google search.

Here are some basic details of my website:

  1. Website: www.chbiotechnology.com
  2. Age: 9 months after the URL register
  3. Purpose of the website: This is the website promoting organic compost for Malaysia agriculture market.

Keyword Which I want to Rank 1st page at Google

I had determined 5 keywords with the objective to rank at Google page 1, I know some of the keywords are having low competition, but those keywords serve a good starter for CH Biotech before we go for more challenging keywords.

Those 5 keywords are:

  1. Compost suppliers
  2. Good quality compost
  3. Compost fertilizer
  4. Organic fertilizer
  5. Organic compost fertilizer

Works That Need to Carry Out to Rank 1st Page at Google

For this website, I want to focus on the activity on off-page optimization. To be precise, I want to focus in 2 aspect, which is:

  1. Backlink Activity
  2. Branding / Exposure Activity

Working Time Frame to Achieve Google 1st Page

Getting a website to rank in Google is more challenging than ever before. Eventhough those keywords are not high competitive keyword, but still going to take up a lot of effort in order to rank at Google 1st page.

In this case, consider the website has been indexed and age for 9 months, I would take 3 months time frame to work against this project. I will extend this Google 1st page project if necessary.

Report of the Google Ranking Status

We will update this webpage on the progress on the activities and ranking on monthly basis. This is the where we are going to see our hard work and score.


More to Do for Achieving Google 1st Page Ranking

No matter how, please bare in mind, there is no single reason the website is getting better rank in search engine than the other. There involve a lot activities for getting the website rank in Google 1st page. However I am not going to include all those activities in this article. We could discuss those activities in other related article.

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