Remarkable Water Proof Pouch

I bought 2 water proof pouches the other day while I was shopping in an outdoor accessories shop. It is worth-while to write out some review after several attempt using on the waterproof pouch.

Water Proof Pouch

Water Proof Pouch

Why I need Water Proof Pouch

I am always going out and sometime I have to go to seaside. In some occasion, I will get myself wet. I need a water proof pouch or at least a water resistance pouch to protect my valuable belongings. This includes:

  1. Ensure the personal belongings away from getting wet.
  2. Protect hand phone and camera from water splashing.
  3. Avoid contamination at unexpected condition.
  4. Personal belongings could be grouped in a water proof bag.

In general, the water proof pouch is just helping me rest assure my valuable belongings is hassle free from getting wet at any circumstances. I am not the kind of people who want the waterproof pouch goes swimming or even diving with them.

There is a strap on the water proof pouch, it allows me to hang the bag on my neck and keep everything tight with me. This is just owe some.

My Application for the Water Proof Pouch

I was getting 2 waterproof pouches for my use:

  • Small pouch: This small pouch comes in 8cm * 12cm size. This is a card size pouch which suit for IC, driving license. The pouch only has a “zip-lock” kind of strip at one of the side, and the other 3 sides are securely seal. However the “zip-lock” strip may not be secure enough if you are expected for 100% water proof.
  • Large pouch: This large pouch come in 14cm * 20cm size. The large pouch is more robust as it has several features to avoid water getting in the pouch. The features includes:
    1. “Zip-lock” snap
    2. Folded-end.
    3. Extra plastic clip.

I am storing my hand phone, camera and purse in this pouch. The space is a little tight for these 3 items.

General Comments after Using the Pouch

Both waterproof pouches suit my application.  The yellow colour small pouch is mainly for keep my IC, license and cards away from water splash. I put this in my car.

Once I am going out for places with water splash or a lot of sweating, this is the secret weapon I am putting up.  However, one of the draw back about this pouch is getting harden after several months storage in the car. The edge starts cracking after I fold in my pocket.   Anyway, I already got the replacement water proof pouch in the e-commerce website instead of going to the shop.

I will be carrying the large water proof pouch while I am on outdoor activities such as hiking along the water fall or seaside.  I try my best to avoid water along the hiking but there may be miss step. With this waterproof pouch I am more confident for those personal belong still in good condition.  One at the time, I am replacing this big water proof pouch with a water proof bag.

Frankly speaking, the water proof bag is bigger and more space to store, but it just doesn’t suit my use.  Anyway, this big water proof pouch is still my first choice for outdoor hiking.

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