Shenzhen E-Commerce Exhibition

Shenzhen E-Commerce Expo

Shenzhen E-Commerce Expo

Shenzhen is the southern city at China with population more than 16million people. Hua Qiang Bei is the place in Shenzhen famous on electronic gadget, however it also famous tremendous challenge now a day! The challenge is coming from e-commerce!

Shenzhen is having the geography advantages because they are located next to Hong Kong, a metropolitan city for new ideas and concept. I would say Shenzhen is one of the city has very good e-commerce development as compare to other city in China or even world-wide.

No doubt, the network connected e-commerce has diminished the barrier between consumer, supplier and manufacturer. But personally I still vote for this city having the great ideas in e-commerce. This includes the E-commerce Exhibition.

About E-commerce Exhibition

This is the second E-Commerce exhibition in Shenzhen, I came across this exhibition unintentionally. I quickly decided to visit this exhibition.

  • Exhibition: The Second Session of China (Shenzhen) E-Commerce Exposition
  • Location: Shenzhen Exhibition Centre, Hall 4
  • Date: 27/Jun – 29/Jun

There are Expo is divided into 4 sections with total 270 booths, besides the booths, there also a large space for some marketer giving speeches and interactive with visitors. It is just marvelous.

What I Notice in this E-commerce Exhibition?

Exhibitor Counter

Exhibitor Counter

I always follow the latest trend about E-commerce. Perhaps I also use to purchase in e-commerce platform instead of going to shop. Taobao is one of my favorite platforms if I am going to buy some common things, such as shirt, pens, shoes and stuff. I even buy many industries part via Taobao platform instead of Alibaba Platform. I always wonder what will be the next E-commerce opportunity, or should the e-commerce means Taobao or Alibaba platform?

In this Shenzhen E-Commerce Exhibition, the exhibitors could divert into these categories:

1)      Alibaba platform.

2)      E-commerce Management System.

3)      Purchase Channeling (代售网). They are providing the service for linking the small seller with the major e-commerce platform, such as 360, JingDong, EBay, etc.

4)      Software and Website Design.

5)      Phase in E-commerce for Existing Entrepreneur.

6)      Advertisement Promotion., google adwords.

Some highlight about this Exhibition

I am quite impressive in 2 categories, the Purchase Channeling and Software Development for WeiXin. I will write more details about the WeiXin software development in separate articles.

I am quite astonished on many counters providing purchase channeling. This is the reason the big e-commerce platform as attract many traffics and left very less for those small sellers. In this case, the small seller needs the service for getting their product listing in those E-Commerce websites. This is what the common procedure I learn from this Purchase Channeling:

  1.      Seller Register in Purchase Channeling Service.
  2.       List their products in the Purchase Channeling Platform.
  3.       The Purchase Channeling Platform will auto posted in those giant E-commerce platform.
  4.       If there is Customer purchase, the system will send the alert to the seller.
  5.       Seller will pack and ship the product directly to customer.

But personally I think there maybe some details which I may not fully understand. Here are some relevant service providers for reference,,

In overall, this Shenzhen E-Commerce Exhibition or Expo is given us a general perspective about the e-commerce industry. Many services are derived from Alibaba platform. This also implies we are still pretty much control by Alibaba platform which having the great traffic flow and weight in search engine.

Sad to say, for those small and new seller, we need to work extra hard in our marketing in order to get traffic or visitors. This is the general impression I have for this E-Commerce exhibition.

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