Shenzhen to Guangzhou Express Bullet Train

Guangzhou is located about 150km away from Shenzhen.  There are 2 commonly select public transports available to travel between these 2 cities.  Namely by 1) express bus or 2) Express bullet railway train.

Today, we are going to briefly explain travel from Shenzhen (SZ) to Guangzhou (GZ) by the express bullet railway train.  This is very remarkable trip that worth to experience.

Bullet Train ticket vending machine

Bullet Train ticket vending machine

Shenzhen to Guangzhou Express Bullet Train

The Express Bullet Train is a modernize high speed railway, HeXieHao.  They start the bullet train service since year 2007.  The train is relatively new and clean from inside to outside.  The white colour skin and bullet head shape differentiate easily from traditional green colour train.

This SZ to GZ express train only stop 3 stations (ZhangMuTou, ZhangPing, Dongguan) before reaching GZ East station.  The less stop makes the trip more convenient and fast reaching the destination.

The entire trip from SZ to GZ East station takes 80min time.  The railway train speed could reach 150km/hr while during the journey.  In some occasion, the speed will reach 180km/hr to 200km/hr.  I guess China Railway Authority department has purposely slow down the speed.

Purchase Express Railway Ticket

In order to have better control, China Railway Authority set the rule that the railway ticket is mapping with individual Identity Card or passport.  For foreigner, you are requested to purchase the Express Railway train ticket at the counter by showing the ticket counter your passport.  Perhaps the passport number will also be printed on the railway train ticket.

For local China citizen, they can buy the ticket at the ticket vending machine together with their latest version of IC.

At the moment I am posting this blog, the Express Railway Ticket fare travel between SZ to GZ is set at RMB79.50 for 2nd class seat.  I do not have any experience on the 1st class seat but I think the 2nd class seat has fulfill my needs.

All the ticket is always comes with a railway cart and seat number, you are requested to be seated on your designated seat.  But there is always some exception.

Security Check Before Entering the Railway Waiting Room

Security has been enforced since many years ago.  All passenger who need to go into the railway waiting room need to through a quick x-ray scan on their luggage and electronic sensor gate.  The security restriction is less stringent compare with airline.

Service Availability in the Express Bullet Railway Train

Bullet Train Dinner

Bullet Train Dinner

There is a dedicated cart for cafeteria purpose.  You will be greet and welcome for having your meal in the cafeteria cart.  You can always buy some refreshment drink or snack while the railway waitress approaches you.

Sometime due to time constrain, I do have my meal or dinner in the train.  You can have quite a broad variety selection for noodle and rice.  The price is normally higher as compare to those fast food chain stores.  Because the foods are all pre-cook and individual pack meal, the waitress will heat up the meal after your order.  Do not expect for delicious food especially for those pre-cook food.

On the other hand, you can bring your own snack or even cup for the journey.  You can have free flow of hot water provided in the train. I think this help me a lot too!

Next time, while you want to travel between Shenzhen and Guangzhou, you can always take a chance to experience the Express Bullet Railway Train.  It is very convenient because the train is connected with the Guangzhou subway station.

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