Sungai Besar Fishing Village

Sungai Besar is a Malay term means for “Big River” or “Big Port”, Chinese will name it as “Tuo Gang”. These is because Sungai Besar is having a comb kind of coaster geographic which able to accommodate many boats for parking.

Sungai Besar is located at Selangor state, it is one of the largest fishing villages around Selangor. Sungai Besar currently leaves with about 300 fishing families. Sungai Besar has developed a new township which introduces business activities other than fishing village.

I always pass by Sungai Besar while using the coaster way Route 5 to Klang. Until there was several incident that Malaysia government strengthens the fishing regulation, such as asking the fisher man to move further out before they can start the fishery process, and also restrict the fishing net should comply to certain dimension.  Those actions are classified as the actions for sustainable seafood guide.

I am not the fishery consultant; I am not qualifying for giving comments on the fishery affair. However I want to give reader a brief introductory about this fishing village.

Where Sungai Besar Locates.

Route to Sungai Besar

Route to Sungai Besar

Sungai Besar locates at west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It is at Selagor state, about 2 hours travel distance heading north from Klang city via route 5.

Fishing activities is the main business activities in Sungai Besar, however it expands for more other business activities include agriculture and trading business. This shows the fishing village has upgraded for multi-income township.

Sungai Besar has about 300 families participate in fishing activities. Those families are surrounding the jetty area. The new township is at front area if you turn from the main road.   After a short distance of travelling you will see the fishing village.

Interesting Activities in Sungai Besar

Fishery Activities. Fishing is still the unique character for Sungai Besar even it has upgraded for more business activities. Walking along the pier, you will see the basic preparation for fishery process.

Fishing Boat Life Style

Fishing Boat Life Style

Fishing Boat. The jetty in Sungai Besar is branches into several sections, and the fishing boats are parked at both side of every jetty. Because of it curvy kind of geography contour, Sungai Besar is able to park many fishing boat which support it becomes an important fishing village.

Fisherman life style. Fishermen were so busy while the fishing boats return. During the leisure time, you will see worker is carrying out the repair job prepare for their next outing.

Fresh Seafood. You can have good opportunity getting fresh seafood in Sungai Besar. Make sure you spare sometime for having delicious seafood here.

Fishing Boat in Sungai Besar

Fishery Activities at Sungai Besar

Fishery Activities at Sungai Besar

You will see many fishing boat here. If you are paying close attention, the boat is categorized into Grade B and Grade C. These are to differentiate the size of the boat. The boat was assigned with dedicate fishing zone base on the grade level.

As I understand from a fisherman who allows me to step on his Grade C boat, he told me that his fishery zone is about 2 hours driving distance from the shore. Furthermore, his boat also has to equip with many equipments, such as:

  • Compass
  • Trunk radio
  • GPS
  • Sonar detector


Fisherman life is always challenging especially they have to operate in the middle of the sea. Many fishermen in Sungai Besar already recruited foreign worker for the helping them to carry out the fishery job.

Fishing Net Repair

In some occasion, you may have the chance seeing people sewing the fishing net. After some time of using, there may encounter some damage on the fishing net. They will repair the net by sewing it.

Even most of the fishermen know the sewing skill, however not all obtain a good and remarkable skill. In Sungai Besar fishing village, there are several ladies who are specialize in sewing. They are sewing faster than most of the fishermen.

If you look in details, you will find out the sewing job requires an unique sewing tool which pre-circle with the nylon rope.   I bet you will spend some time in seeing the sewing job which currently still needs to do manually.

As compare to other fishing village such as Pulau Betong at Penang, Sungai Besar is fishing village which you could plan a trip there, especially you are a photography maniac. I think you will find many remarkable spots which you could come back with fruitful result.

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  1. Tq for putting the article about Sungai Besar. I think we should get more people to learn about this small township instead of just a fishing village.

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