The Natural Black Lava Stone For Garden

Ordinary Lava Stone

Ordinary Lava Stone

Let talks about the natural lava stone for garden.  By the way, the lava stone not only could be used in aquarium but also in the garden.

We have write something about grow moss on lava stone.  That is a small niche but a very interesting topic.  So today, we are going to discuss about the gardening perspective.  Perhaps, this is a common topic which very suitable for many of us.

We do come across many occasions that garden lover are using natural lava stone or the larger rock for garden landscaping.  Applying the unique black stone as a planting mulch material will definitely bring up your garden.

In Malaysia, there are several mulch substances for gardening.  In this article, we are focusing on natural lava stone as the mulching substance.

Use the unique lava stone to stand out your garden.

The Mulch Selection

Lava stone definitely one of the main mulching materials you should never forget.  In case you are looking for lava stone in Malaysia, look for this seller from Shopee, MM Garden.  We strongly recommend this shop because of their good variety of stone size and also the price is fairly reasonable too!  In case you are using the stone for landscaping, there could supply with large amount of stone selection.

Make use the lava stone as part of the gardening decoration substance, perhaps, the possibility is high.  You could turn up the the stone into several field:

  1. Terrarium plant
  2. Pot surface decoration
  3. Garden landscape
  4. Empty space cover up


Natural Lava Stone as Mulch

There are several advantages using the lava stone as a garden mulch material.  Let see several advantages:

  1. The natural substance to cover the top soil surface.
  2. Prevent unwanted weed grow.
  3. Protect the soil surface during the watering process.
  4. Maintain the soil moisture level and minimize water evaporation.
  5. Becomes an effective carrier for soil microbial to grow.

Not necessary you ought to get a big garden, even a small succulent plant, spreading a layer on the top layer will also makes the pot gets live.  With some effort, you could even grow a thin layer of mossy on top of the lava stone surface.

Garden Landscaping

The most simple landscaping is simply spreading the lava stone around the tree.  The black colour stone will stand out from greenery landscape.  The lava stone will even appears crispy dark after it being wet.

The garden needs the natural lava stone for enlightening the overall atmosphere.

Many garden lovers buy potting mix or organic compost for their garden planting, unfortunately they forget about the lava stone as part of the natural garden ornament substanceThere are many possibility for applying the the stone in your garden, and we are happy to see your garden decoration result.

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