Top 5 Kitchen Cleaner Sell in Lazada and Shopee

Recently I am looking for a kitchen cleaner to clean up the kitchen.  Let me show you what are the Top 5 Kitchen Cleaner List I get from Lazada and Shopee.

I was wondering in Lazada and Shopee, both well-know e-commerce platform in Malaysia.  After the search, both e-commerce gives me a different set of result which beyond my knowledge.  Furthermore, many kitchen cleaners are not commonly seen in the supermarket.

Top 5 Kitchen Cleaner

Let us see what are the search result given by both Lazada and Shopee.

Lazada Result – Top 5 Kitchen Cleaner

From the list, I only notice Dettol and Kleenso in my local community supermarket.

Lazada Top 5 Kitchen Cleaner List

Lazada Top 5 Kitchen Cleaner List

Shopee Result – Top 5 Kitchen Cleaner

Even though I have read Lazada result, but the Shopee search result shocks me more.  Shopee result included a wider variety.  Base on the result, Shopee shows me detergents, cleaning tools, pressure foam cleaner, kitchen towel and much more.  Below is the search result for Shopee.

Shopee Top 5 Kitchen Cleaner

Shopee Top 5 Kitchen Cleaner

Why Trigger for Kitchen Cleaner

I would consider Kitchen Cleaner is a common cleaning detergent for every family.  We have seen many varieties in the supermarket shelf but we notice there are more choices in the actual supply.  It is really a competitive sector.

I have bought some kitchen cleaners for kitchen cleaning.  Perhaps, I was facing a great challenge on cleaning up my vacuum hood.  I clean up the cooker hood several months ago and that was a real pain.

The stain stick on the filter net on the hood is almost driven me crazy.  I have tested several common kitchen cleaners which I bought from the local supermarket, non-works as per my expectation.  This makes me search from the e-commerce store.

What My Observation from both Top 5 List?

I really confused about Shopee list, seems like the search engine not bring me to the list I am looking.  Maybe because I am not using a proper keyword.  Anyway, let’s drop off the Shopee List.

I was looking into the Lazada given list.  Obviously, I am not familiar with many detergent brands.  My gut told me that I have to do more survey from the list I gather via Google search.

I have spent hours in surveying for the appropriate kitchen cleaner.  I have short-listed another Top 5 kitchen cleaner after cross check with Google search.  Definitely, I want to purchase some to test out the function.







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