My trip to Johor Bahru, Singapore & Melacca in 2014

Recently I have a trip to Johor Bahru and Singapore for site visit and customer courtesy visit. What an amazing trip as I am not been to Singapore for several years.


I was taking a flight from Penang to JB via everyone can fly airline, Air Asia. It takes me about an hour to reach JB. This is the most convenient trip with reasonable fare, about RM125 per trip.

JB to Singapore, I was taking a taxi to JB CIQ building or City Link building. This is the place where the link between JB and Singapore. Just follow the instruction showing “Woodland”, and you will be going to the immigration.After the immigration, I was taking the yellow colour Causeway Link Bus, the fare will be RM3.40 from the immigration station to Singapore Queen Street station which near to Bugis MRT station.

Make sure you carry enough change for paying the bus fare. Meanwhile, please ask for bus ticket as you will need the bus ticket to pick up the bus after entering Singapore Immigration.In Singapore, I took SMRT and taxi depends on the location I was going. Quite a convenient trip as Singapore is having a good transportation network. The transport station network also covers in industry area.

On return, I went to JB bus terminal at Larkin. I bought an express bus ticket from JB to Melacca. This journey took me about 3.5 hour to reach Melacca.In Melacca, the express bus terminal located at Melacca Sentral.

Most of the bus travel from Melacca and stop at KL Tasek Selatan Terminal. This is not the place I want. However, I still be able to get a 12noon bus which stop at Pudu Raya. The journey takes about 2.5 hours due to slow traffic at KL.

Place to Stay

Johor Bahru

I was station in Tebrau CT Hotel. This is a budget kind of hotel located at Trebau which asking about RM118 per night. PVA Chamois TowelAEON is just located next to the hotel however not much food shops around. I will prefer staying in Mount Austin Area if I have to stay there.

The second hotel I was staying in JB is KSL Resort and Hotel. This hotel is asking about RM280 per night. You could find some restaurant nearby.


I was staying in Pasir Ris in Singapore and over speaking, staying in Singapore is much more expensive then in JB.


There were so many budget hotels in Melacca Raya area, and I just randomly pick one. The budget hotel only cost me RM62 per night. The hotel isn’t that great, and a friend recommended me to stay in Time Hotel for my next trip.

Things to Carry

I was carrying a shoulder bag of personal belonging for this trip.   Mostly are changing clothes.  Of course, I did carry my love PVA chamois towel. The PVA towel comes with a PP canister whereby I could place my tooth paste and tooth brush as well. What a remarkable towel which very suit for a traveler like me.

Apart from the PVA towel, I was actually wearing a sport shoe. Walking is unavoidable more while I am on the road. A sport shoe is making my travel much more convenient. In general, this is a remarkable trip.

I spent about 1 weeks for entire trip for visiting friends, customers in Johor Bahru, Singapore and Melacca. It is really remarkable and productive trip.

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