Could Trunked Radio Be Replaced?

Motorola has quit from hand-phone industry however they are still the leader in trunked radio. On the other hand, Kenwood also another key trunked radio alternative. In Malaysia, WOKI is one of the Kenwood Trunked Radio Supplier.

With the latest tele-communication and broader 3G/4G broadband coverage, hand-phone has evaluated to smartphone which incorporate with many application. In this application, it also comes with walkie talkie function. I also wonder if WeChat will replace walkie talkie or trunked radio!

Will Trunk Radio Diminish?

Trunked Radio

Trunked Radio

I have thrown this question to 2 trunk radio network service provider in Malaysia, Electcom and Maltel, I would like to understand what is their perspective.

The method of signal transfer is difference is the main differentiation for trunk radio vs. hand-phone. The radio transmission and receiving is more robust and reliable. Another point of view is handphone rely heavily network coverage.

The advantages for trunk radio or walkie talkie.

  • Background noise.  Trunk radio or walkie talkie is more forgivable under noise background.
  • Product reliability.  Trunk radio unit is much more robust or rugged which able to withstand rigor work place.
  • Prompt Response.  By pressing a button, your message could immediately deliver and broadcast to the group without any delay.
  • Long Battery Life Span.  A trunked radio or walkie talkie battery is able to withstand through-out the work shift.

Who Needs Trunk Radio?

Walkie Talkie is suitable for short distance coverage such as within a plant or manufacturing site. However a trunked radio with properly repeater setup may have broader application.

Trunked Radio is suitable for the user who:

  1. Require the voice message deliver promptly. The voice will deliver by pressing a single “PPT” button.
  2. Area with no signal coverage. Such as mountain terrain, sea.
  3. Rigorous working environment. Noisy working environment, high humidity working area are all suitable for trunked radio.

Latest Trunked Radio.

In Malaysia, the country will cut in digital trunked radio start from 1-Jan-2016. The digital trunked radio will have more flexibility and capability.   The digital trunked radio comes with more advantageous:

  1. The trunked radio service provider could even develop their dedicate application software to link between trunk radio with smartphone.
  2. GPS capability.
  3. Improve network security.
  4. Real time surveillance and monitoring.

Trunked radio is no more an isolate radio communication tools for limited user, it’s also develop together with the latest IT technology. From the development contributed, we still think trunked radio should be able to sustain in the market even it is facing high challenge from smartphone.

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