Visit China Shenzhen in Year 2017

Visit China Shenzhen is never been an obsolete topic.  China Shenzhen is a metropolitan city located in southern part of China.  I had been written several blogs about Shenzhen city since our blog started several years ago.  Today, I would like to put up some latest update about this city.

China VISA

For most country, you require to apply China VISA before you entering China.  This apply to Malaysia citizen too.  Please kindly read our related blog about applying China VISA in Malaysia.

Shenzhen International Airport

Well known budget airline, Air Asia has setup a 3 direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Shenzhen.  I always prefer the flight depart at 4:40pm in KL and arrive Shenzhen around 9pm.  After immigration check and collect luggage, you will lead to the beautiful Shenzhen airport arrival hall.

Transport from Shenzhen Airport to City Centre

You have several choices moving to Shenzhen city and surrounding transport hubs:

  • Taxi
  • Pick up car service (Di Di Car)
  • MRT
  • Express Bus

Personally I prefer taking Shenzhen MRT.  There is one MRT entrance after you come out from the customs check point.  Take the moving down left and you will lead to the MRT entrance.

About 45min, the MRT will lead you to the FuTian Transport Hub.

Futian Transport Hub is the largest underground transportation hub in Asia.  You could get MRT connection, High Speed Train Connection throughout China.

If you are arriving Shenzhen airport after 11pm, you are most likely miss out the last MRT.  I would recommend you take the ordinary Red” Colour Taxi to the Shenzhen city.  Transport fare around RMB150 include RMB10 highway toll.

Moving within Shenzhen city

Shenzhen city is well cover with public transport.  You could go to almost any places by:

  • MRT
  • Bus
  • Taxi
  • Pick up Car Service

Get a Shenzhen Tong card(深圳通) and top up RMB50, it is good for you to travel in MRT and bus in the city without bordering about preparing coin.

Site Seeing in Shenzhen

Blogger has their own must visit list for this topic, I have my too!  Here are my sites seeing list in Shenzhen city.

  • Tong Men. This place mainly for clothing.  Many ladies can find their preferable fashion here.
  • Hua Qiang Bei. This is the place for people who want to get electronic gadget.  Even though e-commerce is getting popular, but it is another type of experience to see, feel all those parts yourselves.
  • Futian Book City or Children Palace. Book city definitely is good for books and leisure.  You can get Startbuck here too!  Preferable go on evening.  Spending an hour or two in the book city, having dinner and wondering around in the square.
  • Shekou. Shekou is good for leisure.  Just wondering around in Shekou during the evening and having dinner is a good choice.
  • BijiaShan or LianHuaShan. Both park located in Futian district, and quite an easy hiking trip.  Plan a decent hiking session in Shenzhen definitely a good choices too!  Spending an hour walking in the park enjoying the Shenzhen city view.

Weather in Shenzhen

May to Oct consider hot weather in Shenzhen.  You may experience Taifeng(hurricane) at this period too!

Walking under hot sun is not a good idea especially at the afternoon.  The hot sun will definitely stop you going out.

Plan your trip wisely so that you could spend the whole afternoon in the aircond shopping mall.

Food to Eat in Shenzhen

Shenzhen covered with 20million population from all over China.  You could find many cuisines here.  You could or you should try the below:

  • Tim Sum. The Tim Sum in Pavillion Hotel is one of my favourite Tim Sum restaurant.  Don’t be surprised if you have to queue up for 1 hour during pick hour.
  • SiChuan spicy food.
  • Hunan food.
  • North-East dumpling.

Unique of Shenzhen

There are several new concepts in Shenzhen, put some effort to experience those innovative business platform.

  • Sharing bicycle platform.
  • Pick up Car Service (Di Di Car). Something like Uber.
  • The convenient of Wechat and Alipay payment gateway. You could go shopping with smart phone.
  • Spider web MRT system and bus line.
  • The speed of High Speed Train

Even you spend a week in Shenzhen, there are still many places you will definitely miss out.  Don’t try to over stress yourselves while travelling especially during the hot summer day.  Make it a free and easy kind of trip and I bet you will make the second trip to visit Shenzhen very soon.





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