Visit Wee Pallet, A Pallet Manufacturer

Donnguan Railway Station

Dongguan Railway Station

Today we have the opportunity visit a plastic pallet & drum manaufacturer, Wee Pallet.  This is the first time I am visiting a plastic pallet factory.  I am putting up some info for sharing with our reader about my observation, however, I am unable to put up some info in this article as I have to respect some confidentiality within the visit.

Basic Arrangement For the Visit

Visit Date: 9-Oct-2018
Factory: Wee Pallet
Location: Dongguan China
a) Shenzhen – Dongguan (ShiLong Station) by train
b) Dongguan – Factory by car, about 25min journey

Wee Pallet Factory Setup

Wee Pallet located in ShiJie District of Dongguan Town.  Dongguan is the famous manufacturing centre in Guangdong Province, many factories is located in Dongguan.  We take the train from Shenzhen Luohu Railway station, reach Dongguan (ShiLong) Station in 40min. 

Wee Pallet Process

Wee Pallet is a well establish factory with several expansion throughout the last 10 years.  Currently they have several processes within the plant:

1.  Plastic Material Crusher.  Any rejected blue colour HDPE plastic pallet will send to crusher and mix with black colour dye.  In other words, new material is colour in blue and all the recycle part in black.

2.  Injection Mold.  They have the injection mold capability up to 4700MT.  This force is sufficient to manufacture the plastic pallet effectively.

3.  Blow Mold.  Blow mold is used for 200L drum manufacturer as well as special blow pallet. 

4.  Printing.  Wee pallet is capable in silk printing capability.  They could print any word on the pallet or drum.  For more demanding customer, they could also perform gold colour ambroid printing.

Plastic Pallet Reinforcement

During the visit, we notice Wee Pallet having a dedicated process for inserting metal bar in the pallet.  The metal bar becomes an very effective re-inforcement structure to strengthen the pallet.  This re-inforcement structure becomes an essential element especially the pallet is used to stack up heavy material, such as full drum.

A heavy pallet which used to stack up on the rack may even have to insert with more metal bars for improving bending moment.

200L Drum

This is the common drum suitable for storing liquid solution.  The drum is manufacture with the blow mold process.  The drum is blown up with hot air during the process.

Because of the blow mold process, there is a small hole for air discharge.  The hole will be reserved even in product stage.

Plastic Pallet Acceptance Criteria

We also been introduced about the pallet acceptance criteria.  The pallet will be examined and check by visual check.  Here are the acceptance criteria for pallet:

1)  Damage

3)  Crack

4)  Contamination

All the reject pallet will be putting aside for further disposition.

We are very impressed about the pallet manufacturing process.  During our visit, we also notice Japan visitor.  The Wee Pallet tour guide is very knowledgable guiding us throughout the visit.


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