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I bought my H900S walkie talkie after recommended from a friend of mine.  Please see the walkie talkie review about this talkie here.  The WOKI Talk Company own

WOKI H900S Walkie Talkie

WOKI H900S Walkie Talkie

the WOKI brand walkie talkie system.  They are not like other walkie talkie shop in the mall, but they rather stay low to support the outlet with difference walkie talkie products and accessories.

Frankly speaking, most of the outlet selling walkie talkie are not from a dedicated walkie talkie shop, they could be rather a communication accessories shop or camera shop, most of the shop keeper has very limited knowledge of experience on walkie talkie system or 2 way radio.

However WOKI Talk is a professional walkie talkie supplier for Malaysia.  They have a comprehensive walkie talkie website and technical knowledge support.  In the WOKI Talk website, you can find many walkie talkie accessories which enhance our communication with other.

Walkie Talkie Shop

WOKI Talk does not own any walkie talkie shop as of now, but they do own 2 walkie talkie repair service centre.  As understand, the repair technician is giving the walkie talkie repair service through out Malaysia for all brands.  They also provide technical service and advice for user who having various kind of challenge.

They also able to setup a repeater for more demanding user, such as RELA group in Malaysia.

Buy from Walkie Talkie Shop or Internet?

Many users did asking whether should they get a unit from internet e-shop or go for a walkie talkie shop in the town.  Actually it does not matter.  E-commerce is definitely becomes popular and why not you give it a try on the e-shop.  But the question is the reputation of the e-shop.

That was my first time I came across the WOKI brand, because it is recommend from a friend who having some experience in this walkie talkie, I have no problem to get a similar set from them.

However, before I make my payment, I did leave them an email to check with them about my uncertainty, I get their reply within the same working day.  Their reply is very frank and straight forward.  They also reminded me some precautious for using this walkie talkie.  They sound professional from their return mail.

Buy from Walkie Talkie Shop Can Deliver More than Selling.

WOKI Talk does not have any walkie talkie shop in the town.  They mainly sell via their existing channel and doing the back end job for others.  However, they are technically strong and understand the walkie talkie than most of the 2 way radio shops.

They also have a full list of walkie talkie accessories which you may pick one for your unit.

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