What I see about Huaqiangbei 26-Oct-2013

Huaqiangbei Construction (Mar 2013)

Huaqiangbei Construction (Mar 2013)

As our previous article, we know Huaqiangbei at Shenzhen China is mean similar as Akihabara of Tokyo Japan.  Huaqiangbei is always very pack.  It has been a clouded location for many year, is there any changes after so many years?  Especially Huaqianbei street has been blocked for sub-way and under ground construction.  I am to tell you what I observe.

Huaqiangbei Under Construction

The Huaqianbei street has been blocked start from the junction of Pavillion hotel till SEG building, it is about half the mile length.  Many construction machinery has been placed in the middle of the road.

Accordingly to Shenzhen government plan, the reconstruction of Huaqiangbei business district will need 3-4 years time before completion, currently only finished the 1st years.  There are another 2-3 years before completion.

Business Condition at Huaqiangbei

Huaqiangbei is a place occupied by many famous electronic shop.  Hand phone, electronics, computer peripherals and relevant electronic gadget are widely spread along both side of the street.  Besides all those shops, there are many commercial building targeted for their own customer.  You are able to see a lot of iphone casing.

SEG is one of the most famous building.  The ground floor and first floor are the shop for electronic componentsSecond floor and above are for computer and it peripherals.  Since the Huaqianbei construction started a year ago, I am seeing the traffic for SEG drop tremendously.  The building still very pack but not as clouded as before.  There are also some shop counter vacant offer for new comer.

HuaQiang Square is the adjacent building from SEG.  Same situation for HuaQiang Sqaure.  HuaQiang Square are a new building with about 6 years old, many LED shop, computer shops, components in this building unfortunately we are seeing the traffic is also shrinking.

Huaqiangbei Construction (Sept 2013)

Huaqiangbei Construction (Sept 2013)

Future of Huaqiangbei

Currently there are total 3 difference subway station stop at Huaqiangbei, namely Luobao Line, SheKou Line and Longgang Line.  The underground construction will further develop the area.  I am unable to imagine how Huaqianbei will be after the construction complete.  I am very sure, it must be shopping area with the latest technology and tools.

However, before the the construction complete, there are some affect on current business due to traffic inconvenient.  I think year 2014 should be the most challenge year for business owner at Huaqiangbei, after that the situation will get better.

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