What we learn so far for Coronavirus, COVID-19

Wuhan Virus

Wuhan Virus outbreak

Nobody could predict the outbreak of Coronavirus.  No point this is just another article for us spreading the fears after many readers have swum with various news.  There are many comparison articles and data among the Coronavirus, SARS, MERS and H1N1, and certainly, I do not want to become part of them in this article too.  This is an article I would like to write down what are the positive counteractions the people has been taken while we are facing this widely spread Coronavirus.

Many of the actions and execution result has revealed whether the country is ready to face the challenge.  Let see what we learn so far.

General about Coronavirus

This is a new type of Coronary Virus which difference than SARS.  It starts spreading out in China Wuhan since December 2019.  Initially it was named as Wuhan Virus until it was given an official name, COVID-19, by CDC.

You could think COVID-19 is one of the many viruses live in nature; however, it comes in several unique characters:

  • Easily spread among people. There are many reports reveals the virus could “flow” in the air, this is also causing wider spread possibility.  Perhaps, one of the epidemic reports estimated the R0 value fall between 2.4 to 3.8.  R0 value refers to the virus spreading efficiency among human, a higher R0 value stands for easily spread.  You could find out more details in the article about mass communication theory.
  • The long incubation period before severe symptoms appear. The virus could stay in a human body up to 14days before the human fall into sick or fever.  During this period of time, the virus able to propagate without knowing.  The long incubation period is also one of the reasons why the virus able to spread worldwide without human cautious.

There are several on-going studies about COVID-19, it is good for us to keep an eye about the progress, here to name a few:

  • The COVID-19 was burst out in Wuhan since December 2019 but Wuhan may not be the source of COVID-19.
  • Mutation of COVID-19 virus.
  • Vaccine availability

Counter Actions for Preventing the Virus Spread

Since COVID-19 virus has been identified, many countries or municipal city were implementing various actions for preventing or reducing the spread.  China government has forced quarantine action to keep people from going out, and most of the business activity is ceased too.  No doubt, the actions implemented by China government are definitely the most aggressive.  With this aggressive action, China government manage to bring down the infection rate within 1 month time.  On the other hand, I do not think that an

y country in the world could afford a total of 2 weeks shut down. 

However, there are a few actions from other countries, such as Singapore and Hong Kong, their actions could become a good example to stop spreading the virus among society.  Let see what they did.

  • Government Epidemic Alert System and Response. The 4-grade DORSCON Alert level from Green to Red level indicate severity and response of the decease.  The government and related party have been trained for prompt action.
  • Traceability study among the infected person. The official has performed a details study for the entire infected person so that they could link-up and understand the relation of how the victim being infected by COVID-19.  The below chart indicates the relation who is the source of spreading.  Very impressive and clear cut mapping.
  • Big Data for early alarm. With the help of big data, people could find out if they are having close staying with any infected person, such as at the same boat, aeroplane, train or even the same building.  People could take extra precaution in such circumstances.
  • Strong quarantine execution power. Singapore government will perform a periodic check for those individuals who requires “Stay Home Notice”, for any violation, the person will be charged.  This action ensures those people who require to quarantine at home will do accordingly without excuse.
  • Sufficient medical supply. Privilege is given to medical officer so that they are safe enough to carry out their duty.  The government has stocked sufficient COVID-19 tester-kit and medical supply such as face mask and sanitizer too.
  • COVID-19 Screening ability. Singapore government has detained sufficient COVID-19 tester kit.  Perhaps Singapore has developed its own screening tester kit which helps to identify the suspect COVID-19 carrier.  This help the Singapore government could identify the suspect at an early stage.
  • Propose Flu Vaccine. Even though there are many arguments about having flu vaccine however Singapore government recommend their citizen to take the flu vaccine as a precautious measure.  At least keep good health.
  • Social information broadcast. The government has to provide an adequate update to the people so that everybody is kept informed and clarify any misinformation.  This will further minimize the opportunity for propagating any fake news among social media.
  • Self Health Risk RatingPersonal Health Risk Monitoring.   Some of China district have launched a Personal Health Risk Rating Dashboard.  The system will rate the personal health risk level after comparing with the big data pool.  This is definitely a very first risk rating dashboard in the world, at it shall link up with many activities.

Individual Actions for Preventing Spreading COVID-19

Hand Cleaning

Hand Cleaning

Keep good personal hygiene is still the priority.  Having good rest and stay healthy is fundamental for preventing getting any flu.  Apart from that, there are a few recommended actions:

  • Prevent go to clouded space. Stay at least 1m away from others.
  • Measure body temperature. Force rest if having fever and consult a doctor.
  • Wear a face mask if has to stay within a close area, such as having a conference.
  • Reduce and eliminate body touching activity, including handshake.
  • Frequent hand cleaning and sanitizing.

Impact on COVID-19 Epidemic Outbreak

Chiane PMI IndexChina has reported and ever history low in Feb 2020 PMI index.  There is no country could sustain such a low productivity level.  While having quarantine to minimize this epidemic outbreak, many industries have started Work From Home mode.  The outbreak has given a good opportunity for the industry to assess if their operation is ready for Work From Home.

Work From Home mode could become one of the working models for many companies.  Work From Home may not be a realistic working model for the manufacturing industry however the similar concept could be applied to assess if Work Remote could be feasible.

There are a few advantages for short term Work Remote:

  • Fewer people gather in an office.
  • Ability to work coaxially even not in the office
  • Identify the core business activity
  • Weakness the business deficiency

There are a few requirements in order to execute Work Remote mode:

  • Self-discipline
  • Able to work independently
  • Computer Software support
  • Data sharing
  • Communication utility support

Work Remote mode not necessary means everybody works from home, the company still have to keep a minimum staff in the factory so that they are the focal person for any coordination.  Most people are working remote manner.

Apart from Work From Home & Work Remote, other things we could consider is Work in a different time tableThat means not all people are having same time table but rather split time table.  This basically helps to reduce the headcount within a space.  Less congestion in a limited space will reduce the probability of spreading the COVID-19 virus.

Will COVID-19 virus becomes Long-Lasting Virus?

With worldwide traveller, we are seeing more infected victim appears in many countriesJapan, Korea, Italy are a few countries who experience high rises.  Malaysia also facing a leap in an infected victim for the past 3 days.

Even many countries have reported COVID-19 cases, however CDC and WHO still treat COVID-19 just another flu virus.  So far, we have not read any method how to eliminate from the decease but we think the COVID-19 could be staying longer with us until we have developed an effective vaccine to prevent.

No doubt, COVID-19 could become the severe life-threatening decease for pass 10 years or even more.  It may look a little sad but as a human being, we have to keep a positive spirit in order to sustain under the challenge.

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