Where to Buy Face Mask

I have been using face mask many years ago, it has been a standard wearing attire to work in the factory shop floor, and especially you are working in the cleanroom.  Besides the face mask, we have to wear the jump shirt and glove to minimize the contamination to the working space and products.

I never know that 3-ply face mask has become such a hot product in the year 2020.  Since the COVID-19 outbreak in China, Malaysia already experiences insufficient face mask supply.  People all queue up for face mask and desperate to get some from the pharmacy.

What Special about the 3-Ply Facemask

Apart from factory needs, the 3-Ply facemask is the standard personal hygiene protection commodity.  Apart from the comprehensive filtration system, the facemask is simple yet efficient for personal use.  There are several advantages for wearing a facemask, I know I could list out more, but let us make it simple and focus in self-hygiene.

  1. Prevent self saliva droplet expel to outside.
  2. Minimize spreading germs, bacteria or virus to others while having flu.
  3. Avoid the hand direct contact with mouth and nose.
  4. Stop breath in the virus, bacteria or dirt from the contaminated air.

The 3-Ply Disposable facemask even though it never has a long shelf life, normally should change without 4 hours, however, it is very convenient to carry and wear if need.  Just discard the face mask in the proper dustbin after use.

When I should Wear the Disposable Facemask

While you are in a close area or congested area, you are recommended to put on a facemask as a frontline protection barrier.  Such as you are in public transport, clouded conference, if possible, try to put on your facemask.

Wearing facemask should not be seen as a sick person, it already becomes a social common practice in Hong Kong.

Where Could I Buy Face Mask

The 3-ply disposable facemask still at low stock level throughout Malaysia market.  This is due to Malaysia only has 4-5 facemask manufacturer, and we also running short of facemask raw materials, especially melt-blown fabric.  However, you could buy some in an online shop, here I recommend you try below link.

  1. Buy in bulk. You could directly contact the company Maxwaytec Engineering, they do supply facemask as one of their supply commodity.
  2. Many disposable facemask sellers, here is the one I but the facemask.  EC Specialty Supplies.
  3. Same as Lazada, I always recommend you could search for a supplier who had stock on hand instead of pre-order.

I am wishing you good luck, especially during Malaysia MCO control. Stay safe and healthy.  Share with me about your experience in getting the facemask in Malaysia.  I guess it would be interesting



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